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We were sure you would have lots of questions about this acquisition and therefore have pulled together some questions and answers we felt would be of interest to you. Please read below.


Q. ~ Is this an acquisition or a merger?

A. ~ freeform.London have acquired Firebelly for an undisclosed sum.


Q. ~ Who are freeform.London?

A. ~ freeform.London are creative agencies that have been around for over 20 years. Historically they were a print creative agency, but over the past 5 years have become a fully-fledged integrated agency, moving into that space with key hires and an understanding of the ecosystem we operate in.


Q. ~ Who are Firebelly?

A. ~ Firebelly is an award-winning joined up creative agency that has been executing marketing campaigns for the entertainment industry for over 20 years and more recently for the publishing world. They started out as an audio visual agency creating many key campaigns for Disney, Universal and Lionsgate and moved into digital and print over 5 years ago.


Q. ~ What will the new combined companies be called?

A. ~ The Firebelly name is going but the flame will be passed on to the new combined teams that will stay with the name freeform.London. This keeps in line with our growing US business, freeform.LA, and hey – it starts with the same letter, so it’s not that different!


Q. ~ Why have we done this?

A. ~ The vision and creative culture of both teams are very similar in purpose, ambition and the way we both have a high regard for service to our clients. This formed the basis for initial discussions about combining our core values to create one integrated agency.

We continually strive to be the best we can and success is a product of that. This allowed us to develop the combined businesses with more capacity, more intelligent thinking and also helps us grow our LA office. We intend to use best practices from each company to make a better, stronger and more fun place to work.


Q. ~ What happens next?

A. ~ Firebelly will continue to work out of their Richmond offices and will move into freeform.London’s offices in Old Street mid-November. There are some key campaigns being worked on in both companies and therefore, continuity and completion of these campaigns is paramount.


Q. ~ How does this benefit our clients?

A. ~ From initial brief, we can now create, measure and manage your campaign through its full life cycle; and really make a difference. freeform.London and Firebelly have very complementary services and products. We have also both cultivated communities and relationships which are central to our success. That said, we both benefit hugely from existing services from the other company. This gives the new entity the opportunity to use its combined resources to greatly improve our services for all clients.


Q. ~ Are there any redundancies?

A. ~ There will not be any redundancies by combining the teams. In fact, by being involved at a top level on recent projects, we can see there will be need to new hires in the coming months.


Q. ~ What can we do next if we have more questions?

A. ~ Feel free to pick up the phone, ask away and check out our new website. None of us would be here if it wasn’t for our clients and it makes us very happy indeed to know we do great work for you and make your job more enjoyable. If you have any ideas that you feel would make us even better, we’re all ears!


Thank You.


The new team at freeform.London